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Greg Lehey grog at
Mon Aug 3 12:44:55 AEST 1998

On Sunday,  2 August 1998 at 19:41:58 -0700, David C. Jenner wrote:
> I don't think I'm saying what you think I said?  I not trying to
> restrict it to nothing, or even not 32-bit.
> But then it's Sunday night here, and Monday morning there, so maybe
> I'm not clear about what I said!?
> Greg Lehey wrote:
>> On Sunday,  2 August 1998 at 18:28:56 -0700, David C. Jenner wrote:
>>> I think he has a point here:
>>>   Restrict it to whatever the Ancient Unix license from SCO
>>>   (and any equivalent licenses yet to emerge) covers.  In fact,
>>>   an objective could be to try to ADD more systems from vendors
>>>   (like Venix, even Xenix) who required the AT&T license.

OK.  The current SCO license is limited specifically to 16 bis
systems.  We'd like to get, say, System V as well.

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