Old Unix Preservation -- How to save the SysV varients

Tim Bradshaw tfb at aiai.ed.ac.uk
Wed Aug 19 00:31:38 AEST 1998

* Carolyn Pechter wrote:

> One example is Masscomp/Concurrent's early RTU which had dual 
> universes (SysIII-SysV/BSD libraries), DEC-like ASTs and real-time processes.
> Concurrent (originally  Interdata, Perkin-Elmer) also had a very nice
> non virtual memory SysVRel2 called Xelos as well as Edition VII.

I may well have acces to tapes for RTUs of 1988-89 vintage, as there
were several masscomps here (in fact there still is at least one in
the basement, not working).  No source though of course, and without
source they are probably less interesting.  I remember RTU as being
deeply unpleasant, but that may have been more due to the HW which was
extremely flaky, at least on the bigger of our machines.


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