Project generate RL02.

Allison J Parent allisonp at
Wed Feb 25 00:47:39 AEST 1998

<I added an RLV-controller for those RL02 drives into the system and

I take it that is the rlv12 controller as the rlv11 twoboard set is not 
usable. The rlv11 (m8014/8014) must be plugged into a h9273 backplane 

RLV12 nominal CSR is 17774400, Vector 160
DEQNA nominal CSR is 17774440, Vector 120
I positioned the text to show how similar they are but not the same.

<snipped some rows from the GENERIC file to make a good system.
<What struck me as if upon my head was that the CSR for the DQNA and the
<RL02 controller was the same.

No they are not.

<I am reluctant to put cards on non standard CSRs since the GENERIC kerne

No need to.

<What the heck is happening? Do I need to have the RL02 connected to get t
<darn thing to interrupt or do I have a CSR / Interrupt conflict along the

likely yes, the drive must be connected.  Also recheck you haven't 
interrupted the bus grant sequence with the mix of quad wide and dual
wide cards.

<Or could the controller be bad? (Not to worry! I got more controllers
<laying about! =) ).

It is possible.


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