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Greg Lehey grog at
Thu Feb 26 10:00:14 AEST 1998

On Thu, 26 February 1998 at 10:35:25 +1100, Warren Toomey wrote:
>> Don't say I didn't tell you.
> Oh, I was expecting this.
>> I wonder if it's worth doing CD-ROMs for a few hundred people.
>> Initially you might sell 200, but then the rest would come over a
>> period of time, during which there would be updates.  In addition, the
>> CD-ROM format isn't ideal for everybody: many would like it on tape.
>> I'd suggest that somebody cut WORMs for those who want it on CD-ROM,
>> and tapes for those who want it on tape.  I can offer a variety of
>> tape formats, including (soon, hopefully) whatever a TS05 can write
>> (what's that?  1600bpi?), but not WORMs.
> I'd like to see:
>> a number of volunteers who are prepared to cut CD-ROMs
>> a number of volunteers who are prepared to cut tapes

I can volunteer for this.  The formats are: QIC-150, DDS, Exabyte 8500
(8200 if people can tell me how to do it on an 8500), and open reel
1600 bpi.

>> a number of volunteers who are prepared to build kernels
> in several countries (Australia, U.K, USA, Europe). 

Europe and UK separately, eh?

> Each can keep a reserve of distribution media as they wish. I'm
> hoping the CD-ROM image won't change more than once a year.

Looking at the number of patches to 2.11BSD alone, I'd say that that's
a lost hope.  There have been three in the past two months alone.
That's one of the reasons I don't think CD-ROM is the way to go.  WORM
wouldn't have this deficiency if they were cut on demand.

One thing in that connection: please make sure that any CD-ROM uses
RockRidge format (UNIX long file names).  It would be a real pain to
be limited to DOS-style naming.

> As you saw, Dion would send us details of new license owners, probably
> via PGP-signed email. I'd like to pass the info on PGP-signed, so I'd
> need the volunteers to have PGP too.

Not a problem.

> If we have a FAQ, we can list the people to ask for tapes, CD-ROMs etc.
> You are allowed to charge for copying and distribution.

Seems reasonable.


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