Installation of 2.11BSD (II)

Warren Toomey wkt at
Wed May 6 16:38:21 AEST 1998

In article by Matthias Bruestle:
> I'm using 2.11_rp_unknown[1] an the newest version of the supnik emulator.

	[that's in the PUPS Archive, for those without a src license]

> When I'm compiling a kernel (with the newest 2.11BSD sources), I get
> [problems]
> I configured the emulator with 1MB RAM. I compiled it with and without
> optimization. Is this a problem with the distribution, with the emulator
> or with the compiler [used to build the emulator?] (gcc
> The "distributed" 2.11BSD is not so stable. It is often killing the
> filesystem.

Hmm, Steven Schultz did find yet another bug in Bob's emulator which fixed
the crashing vi problem. As Steven knows heaps more about 2.11 than I, here
are some general purpose suggestions from me.

	+ Manually fsck on bootup. Does that help prevent fs corruption,
	  or is the system killing the filesystem on a regular basis?

	+ Can you build a GENERIC kernel? Does it boot?

	+ The 2.11_rp_unknown disk image was built with the new P11
	  emulator from the Begemot crew. You might try compiling and
	  installing this emulator, and see how 2.11BSD performs.

Anyway, Steven might offer some better advice! Greg Lehey might be able
to provide you with the P11 config files he uses. I've got the new P11
built at home, but I can't get the files on it from work.

I'm off for a short break, but I'll be back Monday. Best of luck with it.


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