Installing UNIX on an 11/94

Steven M. Schultz sms at
Tue Dec 14 05:35:35 AEST 1999

Hi -

> From: Arno Griffioen <arno at>
> OK.. Biggie here is that this machine doesn't have a tape drive, just
> 2 RA92 drives. It used to have a TU81, but it seems to have been junked

	Congratulations on getting a /94 with RA92 drives!   Condolences
	on the tape drive being junked.

> No ethernet card either.. (anybody know where to get a DEUNA cheap??)

	In the US there are many places which sell used DEC equipment but
	I do not know of any in the Netherlands.  If at all possible get
	a DELUA insetad  - less power hungry and fewer bugs.

> What are my options to get 2.11BSD running on this beast? 
> I have a uVAX 3600 running NetBSD, so I could possibly dump a raw
> filesystem image onto one of the RA92's and perhaps boot the 11/94
> off of it. Is this feasible? I haven't looked into it yet..

	Yes, it should be possible.  You will need to run one of the emulators
	(either Bob Supnik's or Willi Begemot's "P11").  The tricky part
	will be in the geometry/size of the disk image.  The emulators
	do not know about MSCP drives so you will have to go thru the bootstrap
	process using an SMD ('xp' driver) drive and pretend you have a 
	RP06 or 7.  Then at the last minute install the MSCP bootblock.  
	DD that image to an  RA92 and hoo that up to the /94.

	The problem you will most likely encounter is that the size will not
	be exactly right for the last partition.  Experimenting with the
	standalone 'disklabel' program and adjusting the sizes/geometry may
	be needed.  If the size is changed then 'fsck -s' to force a 
	rebuild of the freelist will be needed.

	Experimentation - I think it'd take a few tries to get it right ;)

> I was thinking of using one of those TU58 emulators on the PC, but I 
> didn't find any mention of booting an 11/94 of these tape drives
> or installing UNIX from it..

	No support for the TU58 in the kernel or boot program.   At 256kb
	it's barely large enough to hold the standalone programs much less
	a dump of the root filesystem or anything like that.

	Steven Schultz
	sms at

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