Venix (was Re: 2.9BSD: mbuf.h)

Johnny Billquist bqt at Update.UU.SE
Fri Feb 19 10:41:03 AEST 1999

Hi, Alison.

> <You might not be totally out. I also thought the DEQNA was T-11 based,
> <since the DEUNA is. :-)
> I have a DEQNA in front of me.  There is a micro and that is a 8751 8bitter.
> The big chip is a LSI ASIC that is a linked list DMA controller.  No t-11.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to imply that you were wrong, just that I was.

> The RQDXn(n={1,2,3} uses a t-11.  The DELQA also does not use a T-11.

Never looked carefully at RQDX?, but the DELQA uses an M68K, that much I
*do* know. (As do the DELUA)

> Both use lots of logic in PALs and ASICs to perform several state machines
> needed for eithenet.  At the time of development there were few complete
> and fast enough chipsets for eithernet.  The DEQNA is mid 80s design and
> quite old.

You obviously knows more about this than I do. :-)
However, as I said, atleast the DELQA have an M68K...
And the DEQNA is old, yes...

> The DEUNA is quite different.

Obviously. But it is also pretty old. Not as buggy though, which should
have been a clue. :-)


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