Why is csh `restricted'?

User Rdkeys Robert D. Keys rdkeys at seedlab1.cropsci.ncsu.edu
Wed Jan 6 01:24:00 AEST 1999

> > think somebody mentioned something like 13 files in the context of the
> 	I'd heard it was 7 files at one time, then 11.  It's a fairly
> 	small number _but_ the exact list was never disclosed (part of the
> 	settlement I understand).  Without a list of files the fear (at the
> 	time) was that "the enemy" could come after you claiming derivation
> 	of some work from the forbidden files.  Since you didn't know what
> 	files those were it was hard (impossible) to know what you could or
> 	couldn't use.

INet Dunce Cap firmly attached, in case my greymatters are vaporware....

I though I remembered seeing in one of the varieties of the 386BSD-0.0,
386BSD-0.1, FreeBSD-1.1, FreeBSD- (don't ask where, because I
really don't remember exactly), a subtree with a README and the original
7 files (yes, I counted them and it was 7).  Now, that makes me want to
backtrack to find that and see what exactly was different.  Vague memory
suggests it may have been in the suite, since that was about the
time of the great territorial Unix Wars of old......

> 	I'm not a lawyer (and don't even play one on the Net;))...  That's
> 	how you and I (nonlawyer types) think.  The sentiment at the time
> 	was that up until 4.4-Lite was declared "uncontaminated" there was
> 	a danger of being legally targeted for using Net-1 and Net-2.

That was where the shift from the 1 release level to the 2 release level
came in.  Sadly, I was not really paying much attention to it all going
by on the net back then, since I was tied up in AIX boxen.  But, I did
run across that interesting subtree and those 7 magic files, one time.
Now, where DID I see them......

> 	The point is moot now today because all manner of alternatives
> 	(FreeBSD for example) exist.  That ready availability may have been 
> 	a big factor in SCO's allowing inexpensive access to the "original" 
> 	sources (albeit under 'license' rather than "freely available").
> 	Steven

I am glad it all came to pass.  But, it is still fun to peruse the odd
bits here and there, and sometimes real history or insights pop up.

If all goes well, another minor bit of history may pop up shortly.
With the graces of Dennis Ritchie, I rekeyed in the V1 manuals in
roff source, in case anyone still has a model KSR37 sitting around
with a box full of paper, roff, and too much time to burn.  It is complete,
now, but needs some editorial fixings since the OCR came through rather
bad.  I made the suggestion that he allow us to put a copy in the UHS
archives.  It may appear on his web page when the editorial fixings
get done, and hopefully, minnie, too.


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