Why not 4.4BSD?

emanuel stiebler emu at ecubics.com
Wed Jan 27 09:20:17 AEST 1999


> From: Warren Toomey <wkt at henry.cs.adfa.edu.au>
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> Subject: Why not 4.4BSD?
> Date: Tuesday, January 26, 1999 3:36 PM

> I haven't moved the majority of 4BSD stuff into the PUPS Archive mainly
> give Kirk a chance to sell his 4 CD set containing all the CSRG releases.
> He's done a lot of hard work a) writing BSD code over the years and
> b) finding, transcribing from tape, and organising the various releases
> the CD set.

That's the explanation i waited for, and i understand that.
> I would resist the urge to distribute the entire CSRG collection either
> via media or through the on-line archive, at least until Kirk has been
> recompensed for his work.

NO problem with that.
> However, Emanuel let me know exactly which 4BSD release you'd like to
> and it will be added!

Sorry, for the "noise" following my I thought "simple" question. I only
wanted to know, why the 4.4 releases were not in the archive. They are part
of the AU license anyway, and i thought, they are missing.

> P.S Also, a plea for unity w.r.t this mailing list, or at the very least
> a sense of restraint and _understanding_ of other people's viewpoints.

I prefer one list, THIS one. The problems we had in the last 24 hours are
my fault.
Sorry for this, i should know that sometimes a "dumb" question start a
flame/war about color/religions & BSD versions.

Sorry about this.

So a now PLEASE back to our business, enjoying our nice PDP's ;-))

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