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Sat Jun 10 11:32:24 AEST 2000

>> > This thread has gotten *way* beyond what I (and I'll bet many others)
>> > read this list for.
>> I *think* you wrote this in reply to Steven Schultz's message, (at least

>Yes, I wrote it in reply to Steven's message.  Not it as not directed
>directly at Steven, it is for everyone that is engaged in this hardware

Actually, Steven did a *very* good job at turning a hardware-oriented
discussion to issues very much related to the history and maintainence
of Unix.

Besides, if anyone here wants to really know about RX50 interleaving,
they should go read one of CJL's posts from the Lasnerian early 90's
to alt.sys.pdp8/PDP8-LOVERS about RX50 interleave.  I swear, it was
a tome that was a good chunk of a megabyte long.

>> All of these are, IMHO, very worthy topics of discussion for a mailing
>> list about PDP-11 Unix, and they were all direct from the expert on the
>> subject(s).  What else would a subscriber to the PUPS list be looking for?

>This goes back to the UHS / PUPS discussion.  I didn't vote so before,
>but maybe it is time to separate the mail for the two.  I agree that the
>first posts were interesting in the historical insight that could be
>gained.  But this thread has turned into a rather long hardware
>discussion applicable to only a handful of people that have this

I view it the other way - the original posts offered little historical
insight, but the last one by Steven drew it very much back to Unix.

>I do not mean to be mean, but it seems moving this to some PDP-11 list (I
>guess one needs to be created) would be possible.

Indeed, there is a PDP-11 mailing list (info-pdp11 at already,
gatewayed to the Usenet newsgroup vmsnet.pdp-11.  To a large extent, though,
you can't blame members of the PUPS mailing list from occasionally straying
from "Unix in general" to the "PDP-11 in particular", because that's a good
part of what the list was originally created for (even though you might
not have joined until the The Unix Heritage Society solidified...)

If there was a more general "Unix Heritage Society" mailing list, would
platform-specific discussions be banned from that?  I probably would be
bored to tears by any such restrictions, as there would be no opportunities
to give concrete examples.


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