[pups] Making disk images and Ultrix-32

Wilko Bulte wkb at freebie.demon.nl
Sat Feb 17 06:10:51 AEST 2001

On Fri, Feb 16, 2001 at 01:47:24PM -0500, Bill Gunshannon wrote:
> Two questions/observations. 
> The first is only tangentially on topic, but loosely related to
> my recent attempts to revive Ultrix-11.  Is there anywhere that
> is, or is interested in, archiving versions of Ultrix-32 for the
> VAX??  I would hate to see these become as scarce as Ultrix-11 
> was.  We almost lost that one.  I have numerous TK50's of Ultrix-32
> software some of which actually loads.

Is Ultrix-32 covered by the standard license from SCO? And did DEQ
release it to the world under the same conditions as Ultrix-11?

I think I have recent Ultrix-32 on CDROM here somewhere.


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