[pups] 2.11BSD boot hangs.

John Holden johnh at psych.usyd.edu.au
Wed Feb 28 14:15:46 AEST 2001

>John Holden wrote:
>> You can run into problems with the BHALT line, which can be asserted by a line
>> break on the console line (if enabled), or on some DHV serial card emulations.
>> Turning off a terminal may be enough to halt the process if it generates a
>> serial break as the power goes down.
>On my /53+ running 2.11, it's enough to kick in ODT.. Very anoying, really.
>Is there any way to disable this functionality, save rewiring the backplane?

You can usually disable the HALT on break feature. When the console is on
a separate serial card :-

DEC	DLV11-E or F	Remove jumper on wire-wrap pin H

DEC	DLV11-J		wire-wrap pins X-B enables boot on break
			wire-wrap pins X-H enable halt (ODT) on break
			nothing on X disables both

Webster	WQDHV		switch 4 at J9 OFF to ignore break.

For processor cards with serial ports, I only have a manual for 11/23+. DEC
is pretty consistent, so there should be options on 11/53 and latter 11/73's.

11/23+	KDF11-B?	Remove jumper from J5-J4 and connect J3-J4
			The jumpers aren't marked on the PCB, so looking
			at the board with the Qbus fingers at the bottom,
			handles at the top, there is a vertical row of
			three jumpers on the right hand side of the board.
			towards the bottom. Top to bottom is J5, J4 and J3.
If anybody has manuals for 11/53+ and the quad slot 11/73's and can send me
the details, I'll collate the information, and add it to my web page at :-


The 11/53+ I have does have lots of jumpers, but no numbers or letters beside

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