[pups] A bootable disk image for a PDP-11/34?

Carl Lowenstein cdl at mpl.ucsd.edu
Wed Jan 31 04:20:58 AEST 2001

Just from the historical point of view, note that the first major
file on a genuine 6th Edition distribution tape _is_ a bootable
RK05 image.  Something like 4000 blocks.


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> In fact, if someone has RK05s and isn't too far away, I'd love to get a
> bootable image on an RK05 cartridge -- of course I'd pay postage both ways.
> (I even have some original shipping boxes.)  
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> Subject: [pups] A bootable disk image for a PDP-11/34?
> He'd like a 6th Edition bootable RK05 disk image that he can download
> onto his real disk.
> Many thanks all!
> 	Warren

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