[pups] BSD 2.11 SL/IP and sim2.3d+BB1

Steven M. Schultz sms at moe.2bsd.com
Thu May 17 13:52:31 AEST 2001

> From: PUP <jstevep at tron.superglobalmegacorp.com>

	I've taken the liberty of adding <\n> characters - something about 1k
	character lines bugs me ;)

> I know that there must be some setup guides for BSD2.11 still floating 
> around there, but I have not been able to find anything.. Here is what I 


	bit of a misnomer and it's a long enough story I won't bother anyone
	with the details.  That's the raw troff sources though.  If it's the
	formatted version that is wanted there should be a copy in the 2.11
	portion of the PUPS/TUHS section of the archive.  It shows up at
	PDP-11/Distributions/ucb/2.11BSD and there are also complete tarballs
	and a dump of the root filesystem all at rev level 431.  It should be
	a simple matter of putting the bits on tape/disk (using the makesimtape
	or similar utility provided with the emulator being used).  At that
	point the normal 2.11 installation process can be followed - there have
	only been 5 updates since then (432 thru 436) so catching up wouldn't be
	hard at all.

> 	I noticed that the sim2.3d+BB1 emulator will allow you to connect Unix 
> "devices" to the DL1 lines.  I set it to connect the serial port on my Linux 
> box, and connected a IBM 3151 (VT100 like terminal), and it worked great!  

	Probably doing 7E1 and just about anything would work with that ;)

> Taking this a step further, I took the serial port and moved it to my Cisco 
> router (the aux port).. I have been trying to configure SL/IP on it..

	That'll definitely require a 'raw' or 8bit clean path and I don't know
	if the sim2.3d does that or not - never tried it.    The stock sim2.3d
	doesn't appear to have extra serial line support - or if it does it
	isn't obvious.  Perhaps that is what the BB1 part is about.

> I first setup my Linux box to connect to the router via slip so that I can 
> verify my cisco config.  I am having trouble on the BSD side.. As far as I 
> can tell it is not routing replys over the sl0 interface.. (Or the emulator 
> is cooking the serial data...)  

	That's a real possibility.  The 'slattach' command on the 11 side will
	take care of setting all the modes so that an 8bit path is obtained.  If
	the emulator is stripping the parity bit (which wouldn't show up in the
	normal "hook a terminal up" test) then SL/IP will obviously have

	You might have better luck with the Begemot emulator P11.  No need for
	SL/IP since P11 has an emulated DEQNA ethernet driver.

> A final test I tried to connect to copies of sim2.3d+BB1 via pty's.. same 
> thing.  The good part is when you try to telnet from the router, you can see 
> the socket accept on the BSD side.. The BSD box seems not to reply..  
> Additionally I saw some  stuff on increasing the size of CBLOCK in param.h 
> (my default was 32, I tried 64), which seemed to have no effect.
	I'd not muck about with CBLOCK - it doesn't really buy much and from
	the sounds of things aren't getting anywhere near the conditions that 
	comment was aimed at.

> I started SL/IP by running 
> slattach ttyl1 9600
> then
> ifconfig sl0 up

	That should be all that's necessary

> by default as this I can't ping the (my side).. so I added a route
> route add 0
> I don't know if I have to do this...

	You shouldn't have to do that because in /etc/netstart, if things are
	set up right you would have:

	slattach ttyl1 9600
	ifconfig sl0 up
	route add $hostname localhost 0
	route add default $default 1

	So if 'hostname' and 'default' are set at the top of the file all the
	routing is all set to go.  Just make sure that 'ifconfig sl0' happens
	before 'ifconfig lo0 ...'.   Also, by default the C library is compiled
	to use DNS resolver routines so it will likely be necessary to use
	a combination of numeric IP addresses and entries in /etc/hosts

> Oh the image that I'm using is the 2.11_rp_unknown from the archive.. 
> (It has a note that it is patch level 400.)

	That is fairly old, but SL/IP hasn't changed since the system came out
	eons ago.

> Also the person that maintains BSD 2.11's site is down.. bummer..

	It has _never_ been down except for a reboot the other day to install
	another 512MB of memory a week or so ago.   With a 1400VA UPS the
	system can ride out most of the power problems California's having.

	If the FTP site here is unreachable you might try going to the mirror
	at FTP.TO.GD-ES.COM - all the updates are in /pub/2.11BSD

	Steven Schultz
	sms at moe.2bsd.com

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