[pups] BSD 2.11 SL/IP and sim2.3d+BB1

Warren Toomey wkt at henry.cs.adfa.edu.au
Thu May 17 14:00:06 AEST 2001

In article by Steven M. Schultz:
>> 	I noticed that the sim2.3d+BB1 emulator will allow you to connect Unix 
>> "devices" to the DL1 lines.  I set it to connect the serial port on my Linux 
>> box, and connected a IBM 3151 (VT100 like terminal), and it worked great!  
> 	Probably doing 7E1 and just about anything would work with that ;)
> > Taking this a step further, I took the serial port and moved it to my Cisco 
> > router (the aux port).. I have been trying to configure SL/IP on it..
> 	That'll definitely require a 'raw' or 8bit clean path and I don't know
> 	if the sim2.3d does that or not - never tried it.    The stock sim2.3d
> 	doesn't appear to have extra serial line support - or if it does it
> 	isn't obvious.  Perhaps that is what the BB1 part is about.

I can confirm that sim2.3d is not 8-bit clean on output. I got bitten
on this when working on Vtserver, and I tore my hair out for a whole day.

< if ((temp = sim_putchar (tto_unit.buf & 0177)) != SCPE_OK) return temp;
> if ((temp = sim_putchar (tto_unit.buf)) != SCPE_OK) return temp;

It is 8-bit clean on input.


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