[TUHS] My response to SCO vs. Linux

Michael Sokolov msokolov at ivan.Harhan.ORG
Wed Jun 11 07:01:08 AEST 2003

Here is my response to SCO vs. Linux. The thing is, some of the things they are
saying I agree with most emphatically, except that what those things really
support is not SCO but our TUHS cause. Their main line, at least as I interpret
it, is that UNIX is the real OS, UNIX is better than Linux, and Linux is just a
naughty child that is becoming more and more of a nuisance to the adults. I
agree wholeheartedly! I and many other UNIX bigots have been more vocal about
this than SCO.

BUT... UNIX is not what SCO means by this term, UNIX is V7 -> 4BSD! That is the
real UNIX, USG is just a bad commercialized branch that no one ever really
liked anyway! So to all those Fortune 1000 (or whatever that was) companies
warned by SCO to stop running Linux, they should throw out those cheap micros,
put all their old large VAXen back online, and run True UNIX, 4.3 BSD UNIX! And
that *is* real UNIX, it comes directly from V7 and openly and proudly admits to
this fact! Isn't an OS that openly and proudly admits to come directly from
Holy UNIX better than a cheap UNIX copycat that needs to be sued in court to
determine what the hell it really is?

But SCO probably won't be too happy about it as they just gave away the True
UNIX (V7) to the World for free, and it's non-retractable.

So if anything good comes out of this lawsuit it's that maybe, just maybe, BSD
will finally get some attention and use over Linux. The Free Computing
community doesn't have to suffer any loss whatsoever if SCO wins, we can
instead just switch from Linux to the much better True UNIX, which is just as
free but a lot more solid, mature, and True. And stick it to SCO and laugh
diabolically at how they voluntarily made UNIX free without us having to seize
it by force in a revolution.

MS (donning the flameproof spacesuit)

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