[pups] Progress on 2.11BSD kernel

Steven M. Schultz sms at 2BSD.COM
Thu Mar 20 03:51:10 AEST 2003

Howdy -

> From: David Evans <dfevans at bbcr.uwaterloo.ca>
> This came in handy for me too when I went the route of messed up MAXUSERS 
> screwage.

	That'll do it too ;)

>   I should track down the half-bezel so that I can mount this SCSI Zip drive I
> have in my BA123.  That would look so weird...

	It is tight on space but I can get a complete 2.11 system (with sources)
	and a small swap partition on a 96MB Zip disk.   Not suitable really
	for going multi-user but as a single user mode system for fixing
	up /etc/init or building a kernel it's nice.

	Might not look too weird - different of course, who knows but what
	you might like the new look ;)

>   On another note, were there any SCSI adapters that made use of the BA23/
> BA123 RD disk control buttons?  Would be nifty to swap in a new ra0 by
> simply taking a disk offline/online.

	Hmmm, those buttons/cabling are for RD/MSCP devices - not sure if it's
	possible to use them with SCSI devices.

	Steven Schultz

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