[TUHS] Looking for obscure unix information

Apostolos Koutropoulos AdmiralAK at yahoo.com
Wed May 14 05:56:34 AEST 2003

Hi to all,
I stumbled on your mailing list and I thought this would be a good place to
pose my question.  I was looking around for information about several little
known (to me) unix derived Oses.

AMIX (Amiga Unix)

What I am looking for is basically what versions existed and when they were
released, and also from where did they originate. For instance I know that
RISCiX originated from BSD 4.4 but that is all I know.

I also know that inferno grew out of the research for plan 9, but what
version of plan 9 it evolved from I donĀ¹t know.

Anyone know the above info? If not any idea where I can look for further

Thanks :)

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