[TUHS] NCR Tower650, UNIX Sys. V Rel.3 on a 68020 :)

asbesto asbesto at freaknet.org
Fri Oct 31 01:38:45 AEST 2003


in our free lab in catania we have one of these box, you can see 
it here:


we only have this computer, and no manuals, no tapes, no floppy
disks, nothing. We made a raw "dd" backup of the whole hard disk, that
have some bad tracks :(

so, we are wondering if someone here can help us finding information
about this machine: PDF manuals, info, tape images, operating
system disks, or whatever useful for our computer museum :)))

p.s a look at  http://www.freaknet.org/history/freakalbum/freak_hardware/
to have a little, poor idea about other machines we have, including
the PDP11/34 with the broken chip problem in the RL01 controller
board :(((

p.s.2. yes, we have printed schematics of PDP11/34. we are organizing
to scan all the schemes, maybe this can be useful for someone.

Sorry if i'm not so present in this list, but i read it every
day, it's a fantastic list. thanks to all :)

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