[TUHS] Sprite

Cornelius Keck cornelius at mail.keck.cx
Wed May 26 22:19:19 AEST 2004

I looked at the Berkeley repository last night, and did not
see some files required to run Sprite directly from disk --
for instance, the Sparc bootimage (sun4.bt or so) seems to
be missing, or I'm overlooking it, in my coffein-deprived
state of mind.

Anyway, googling "sprite cdrom" returns pointers to
Conveniently, www.rdg... does not resolve. www.mirror.ac.uk, on
the other hand, does, and Sprite seems to be at that very location.
The stuff underneath contains 4.8M of tar'd stuff. I don't have
the CD (would *love* to get a copy, or the ISO), so I can't
check if the contents are identical to the CD (somehow it does
not sound like it), but the stuff on mirror... only contains
a listing of the files on the CD, not the actual CD contents :(

Come to think of it.. I do have a few Sparc 2 machines, with
a few improvements (like 128MB RAM, Weitek PowerUp), and would
like to give Sprite a spin. I'm all for adding the Sprite ISO
to the archive!

- Cornelius

Randy Belk wrote:
> I have looked everywhere for the cdrom of sprite. I saw a book about it a
> long time ago at a bookstore and almost bought it. Some very good theory
> and code was in the book if I remember right.  I don't guess any one would
> have the Walnut Creek cdrom of sprite that they would convert to an ISO
> and make available?
> > Would it make sense to add Sprite to the Unix Archives? To me, yes, it was
> > enough UNIX like although it wasn't ATT or BSD derived and it had many
> > advanced features.
> >
> > I had the (small) pleasure to run it on a small number of DECstations back
> > in
> > 1994-1995 out of the freshly published WalnuCreek CD and I still long for
> > some
> > of it features.
> >
> > The distribution is still available at
> >
> >       http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/projects/sprite/
> >
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