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Wesley Parish wes.parish at paradise.net.nz
Wed Oct 6 17:19:47 AEST 2004

As far as I know, they're still held tightly by whatever part of AT&T 
inherited them.

They should be released - for a variety of reasons, amongst them the pulling 
of the teeth of various entities intent on muddying the waters with an 
outflux of legal venom.

Perhaps someone should set up a petition to that inheriting entity, a la the 
Ancient Unix petition, asking them on behalf of all interested parties, that 
they release them under a suitable license - perhaps BSD, it's nice and short 
and easy to remember - some people out there have very short attention spans 
and we don't want them confused.

Any comments?

Wesley Parish

On Wed, 06 Oct 2004 17:23, Tim Newsham wrote:
> What has become of the various research unix releases after
> 7th edition?  Have any of these ever been released publically?
> Are any of them being archived for historical reasons?  Are any
> of the versions publically available now?
> Tim N.
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