[Unix-jun72] more corrections

Brad Parker brad at heeltoe.com
Fri May 2 03:19:13 AEST 2008

Tim Newsham wrote:
>> I made some more minor corrections; turns out the commands in e00-01
>> around "4;4" are wrong, those lines are needed or the IOT dispatch
>> vector ends up in the wrong place.
>> I suspect, in the end, most of the "hand written" corrections should
>> ignored.
>I'm suspecting the opposite.. I went through all of the comments in
>notes.txt about hand written corrections and read through the code to
>see if they make sense or not and it seems like all of the corrections
>did make sense in the code and the original code that they replaced
>did not.  I updated the code to reflect this and added comments to
>the notes file.

Ok, I may well be confused.

Before I took the comments the IOT vector was zero.  After I removed
them the IOT vector (34) was correct.

Perhaps the code wants to be loaded at 014 instead of 0.
I put the comments back in - I'll try changing where I load.

>btw, there are still a bunch of unresolved symbols in the low address
>vector tables..

I thought only fpsym was undefined in those vectors.

>> I had to add KE11A support to simh;  I mostly copied the code from
>> apout.
>This discussion of hardware is making me wonder -- does this nail down
>the hardware?  The 1ed manuals mention tht they ran on a 24kbyte
>pdp 11/20, but that they were eying an 11/45.  My reading of the code
>was making me lean towards the original 11/20 configuration, but it
>sounds like some of these features might be present in the 11/40 or

I sure looks like they used an 11/20 with a KE11A board.

>speaking of modifying simh, we may have to map one of the similar
>serial devices in at the dc11 address to support ttys.  simh doesn't
>support the DC-11, but when I asked on the simh mailing list someone
>mentioned that one of the existing devices is very similar with
>less support for modem control lines.

I can do that.  Are there docs on the DC-11?


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