[Unix-jun72] more corrections

Brad Parker brad at heeltoe.com
Fri May 2 03:22:53 AEST 2008

Tim Newsham wrote:
>> I made some more minor corrections; turns out the commands in e00-01
>> around "4;4" are wrong, those lines are needed or the IOT dispatch
>> vector ends up in the wrong place.
>Hmm.. those "/" comment characters are definitely not hand written
>in.  There are hand written comments that state what address things
>should land at.  I'm a bit confused how this could happen with
>those comment characters in place, though, so removing them does
>sound like its the right thing to do.

now you've convinced me it's not :-)

I wonder... hmmm.  if the V1 a.out header where 12 bytes long, then
everything would just automagically work.

The v7 a.out header is 16 bytes long; but could the v1 a.out header
have been 12 bytes long?


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