[pups] jove editor under 2.11BSD and cursor keys

Walter F.J. Mueller W.F.J.Mueller at gsi.de
Tue Jan 6 06:06:51 AEST 2009

Johnny Billquist wrote:
> Walter F. Mueller wrote:
>> ....
>> I get whenever I hit one of the cursor keys the message
>>      [ESC O unbound]
> Please note the difference between "<ESC>[" and "<ESC>O"... :-)
> To give you a little more help: someone or something is changing your
> terminal to have application cursor keys.
> (And to point out what should be obvious now: your cursor keys can
> actually send two different kind of codes, depending on a setup parameter.)
>     Johnny

Thanks Johnny, that was exactly the problem. jove sets the terminal
(or the emulator) into 'Application Cursor Key' and 'Application Keypad'
mode. Looking in xterm at the VT Options popup (with CONTROL-MB2) shows
this nicely. Binding the 'ansi-codes' function of Jove 4.9 (that's what
comes with 2.11BSD) to \[O resolves the cursor issue.

What I still don't understand is why jove comes with defaults which
don't work. It puts the cursor and keypad keys into application mode,
which makes perfect sense especially for the keypad, and than looks
for \[[ rather \[O. Probably to make retrocomputing more fun :).

			Thanks and with best regards,	Walter

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