[TUHS] 386BSD on Bochs & Qemu...

Jason Stevens neozeed at gmail.com
Sun Apr 25 04:06:49 AEST 2010

I don't have the 1.0 BSD cd... At the time I was too wrapped up in Linux,
and I just
didn't realize the linage of the BSD of the time... (well that and I was a
BBS user
and they had SLS Linux to download, no BSD for some reason.... And all the
unix people on campus did their best to discourage people from getting

Anyways I have bought the 'basic kernel source secrets' book but it didn't
with a CD... I kind of recall it being expensive...?

IMHO the linux thing just released so often, it was a lot of work to keep up
(which really hasn't changed) and the BSD stuff was so ivory tower, of we'll
when it's ready but the world just wouldn't wait.  Which is a shame, as
how even 386BSD 0.1 had full TCP/IP while us linux people were trying to get
something like 32v running... Linux was so far behind back then but the
releases made it feel far more alive....

Ok, that's enough of a rant.. ;)

After looking around at the various sites operated by the Jolitz's I found
this one:


<http://collectables.jolix.com/>This is the best one I could find, and they
don't have any CD's for sale....

I've been building some stuff for 386BSD but the one thing that seems to
be lost to time is the old xfree86 1.X releases...

On Sat, Apr 24, 2010 at 10:28 AM, Jacob Goense <dugo at xs4all.nl> wrote:

> > I don't know if this is interesting to anyone, but I thought I'd share
> that
> > 386BSD will install on Bochs (although slowly, and it's prone to
> crashing),
> > however once the first patchkit is installed, it'll then run on Qemu!
> > (0.11.0, it seems the new bios layout of 0.12 is incompatible)
> Yes, I think it is very interesting to see what BSD was like on an x86
> around the time of the forks into Net- and FreeBSD. You can feel the
> itch to roll your own xBSD when messing around with it.
> It got me curious about where 386BSD ended though. Did anyone save the
> 386BSD Reference CD-ROM Release 1.0 from /dev/null?
> /Jacob
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