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Natalia Portillo claunia at claunia.com
Thu Dec 2 07:12:57 AEST 2010

Hi Jason,

Would you please write a howto to the QEMU Official OS Support List at http://www.claunia.com/qemu/ ?

Thanks in advance,
Natalia Portillo

El 01/12/2010, a las 20:50, Jason Stevens escribió:

> I asked a while back if anyone had any NetBSD 0.8 or 0.9 archives.. I thought I'd let the list know that I did manage to find NetBSD 0.9, and using VMWare I've managed to revive it into something that Qemu can run.
> If anyone has VMWare and wants to stroll down memory lane, I've uploaded the install diskettes here:
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/bsd42/files/Install%20tapes/NetBSD/0.9/NetBSD%200.9%20i386%20floppies.zip/download
> And I've setup an archive with Qemu & NetBSD all ready to go here:
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/bsd42/files/4BSD%20under%20Windows/v0.4/NetBSD%200.9.zip/download
> If anyone wants to use their own qemu for their own platform, I've had to modify the hw/pc.c and remove the NE2000 definition of 0x300,9 as irq 9 is in use somewhere else in the emulator and it won't allow any sharing on Irq9.. (Wasn't IRQ 9 shared anyways with the cascade controller???)
> At any rate, I built irc, lynx & bzip2 on there, and they seem to function just fine.
> Again if anyone has any lead on NetBSD 0.8 that'd be great, I'd like to save these from the digitial dumpster....
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