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Lions' books on Unix and PCC were brilliant, although they had limited
circulation.  I confess that the PCC book was sometimes difficult reading,
as code that I cobbled together at 2AM was laid bare to the world.  I
remember a particularly tangled mess of 10 or so lines that John displayed
with the comment "advocates of structured programming might have preferred
to see:" followed by 3 short, elegant lines of code...

> On Sat, 26 Sep 2015, Armando Stettner wrote:
>> I also seem to recall him finish up the paper.  I was lucky in my
>> office
>> mates: I had John Lions and tjk.  Some place, I have a few pics of
>> USG’s
>> computer room.  I only recall RP04s however.  :(    aps.
> Dr. John Lions?  He was one of my Comp.Sci lecturers, and a brilliant
> bloke.
> It was a sad day when we lost him.
> I remember a USENET posting from long ago (yeah, I know), when someone
> swore that it was Lyons.  Someone then replied along the lines of "Well,
> I've just walked past his office door; it's Lions, as in the big cat."
> Of course, my memory could be a little flakey by now.
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