[TUHS] Missing Documents for use with the Unix Time-Sharing System, Sixth Edition

Will Senn will.senn at gmail.com
Sun Jan 24 03:58:38 AEST 2016


The Unix Sixth edition programmer's manual and other documents for use 
with Unix time-sharing system are available online, in html and 
postscript form from Wolfgang Helbig's site:


There are papers some missing from the "Documents for use with the Unix 
Time-Sharing System":
RATFOR - A Preprocessor for Rational Fortran
NROFF User's Manual
A Manual for Tmg Compiler-writing Language
On the Security of UNIX
The M6 Macro Processor
A System for Typesetting Mathematics
DC - An Interactive Desk Calculator
BC - An Arbitrary Precision Desk-Calculator Language
The Portable C Library (on UNIX)
UNIX Summary

Some of these are more interesting to me than others, but I tend towards 
shiny objects, so there is no telling when they will be of critical 
interest in the future. I have done quite a bit of searching for the 
NROFF document and the portable C library document and while I have 
found related works, I haven't come across the originals for sixth 
edition. Do any of y'all know where any or all of these documents are 
archived in their original/reproduced form?



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