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RK05’s were 4872 blocks.    Don’t know why that number has stuck with me, too many invocations of mkfs I guess.    Oddly, DEC software for some reason never used the last 72 blocks.   We used to the standalone ROLLIN to make backup copies of our root file system and I remember having to patch the program to make sure it copied all the blocks.


Yeah, I remembrer swaplo and swapdev.   We actually dedicated a full 1024 block RF11 fixed head to the system in the early days until we got the system of RK05 packs.    I remember buying my personal RK05 pack for $75 thinking that was a lot of personal storage (2.4MB!). 


Amusingly, JHU believe in vol copy for backups.   Our 80 Mb drive was divided into multiples of RK05 pack.    The root file system was 5x4872 blocks.   The main user file sytem was another 5.   The rest was divided up into single RK05 size things.    I remember writing a standalone volcopy to replace ROLLIN that was called “The Fabulous Amtork” program.   The 80M drive was an Ampex.    AM to RK, get it.   I have no idea when or why the adjective “fabulous” became associated with it but that was what it was always called.

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