[TUHS] UVM VM system

Brad Spencer brad at anduin.eldar.org
Sun Sep 2 05:53:25 AEST 2018

Clem Cole <clemc at ccc.com> writes:


>> and it looks encouraging.  Apparently NetBSD is using it.
> Hmm - integrated/used it at one time ... but ... I'm not sure of that is
> still true of it it even really made it out.  That was all happening when I
> was still hacking on Alphas (which was a long time ago).   We'd need the
> active NetBSD folks to chime in on curent state.


Yes, UVM has been used with NetBSD for a very long time.  The browseable
CVS repo at www.netbsd.org suggests that work started in 1997 - 1998 or
so.  Looks like in 1999 the Mach VM was completely removed from NetBSD
except for some include files, but clean up appears to have continued
into 2000.

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