[TUHS] Unix NCP protocol stack for ARPANET

Clem Cole clemc at ccc.com
Mon Oct 25 05:28:34 AEST 2021

Ron. Where did the back ncp come from?as I said I never saw it and we tried
to find one.  Same for an IP implementation.  That's why we wrote one.  We
were 3coms first customer and I somewhere have the mailing evenlope marked
the 32 of December because they had a VC payment dependent on delivering
before end of year.

As for 11s. Yes that is true.  A lot of them front ended large systems as
Bob pointed out but many were self supporting as you note.

On Sun, Oct 24, 2021 at 2:41 PM Ron Natalie <ron at ronnatalie.com> wrote:

> There were definitely as many PDP-11's (most running UNIX) as there were
> DEC 10s in the glory days of the Arpanet.   VAXes only rolled out toward
> the end of the NCP era.
> However, the last NCP host table shows this statistic for DEC machines on
> the NCP Arpanet
> VAX (UNIX):  58
> VAX (VMS):  19
> PDP11 (UNIX):  59
> PDP11 (RSX): 6
> PDP11 (MOS):  11
> PDP11 (MINITS); 10
> PDP10 (TOPS-20):  40
> PDP10 (TOPS-10): 7
> PDP10 (TENEX):   22
> PDP10 (ITS):  4
> PDP10 (WAITS): 3
> I had all but forgotten about Local Host / Distant Host / Very Distant
> Host 1822 protocols.    I remember that BRL had a PDP-11/40 running ANTS
> (ArpaNet Terminal Server out of University of Illinois).   It got replaced
> by an 11/34 running UNIX when the Arpanet went to long leaders New Years
> 1981.
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